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Numărul 1/2012 (ianuarie-martie)

1. A new look at the role of social influence, group composition and setting - Reconsidering the typical practice for market research focus groups
Rezumat:The purpose of the paper is to put forward arguments for the view that the typical practice of market research focus groups is not the most appropriate for some research goals. For some market research purposes it would be of vital importance to build up the focus group discussions in such a way that different processes of social influence could be observed and these processes could also be involved in the analysis. It is argued that in some cases it can be useful if group members are acquaintances and if the discussion takes place within a natural setting. The paper provides a viewpoint which has rarely appeared within market research, and supports it with writings not only from the field of marketing, but also from literature of the social sciences, as well as with the author’s own experiences as a focus group researcher and practitioner.
Autor(i):Lilla VICSEK
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2820
2. Măsurarea dependenţei efectelor psihologice şi comportamentale în cadrul analizei lanţului valorii / Measuring the dependence of psychological and behavioural effects within the value chain analysis
Rezumat:Scopul acestei lucrări este de a conceptualiza noua paradigmă a marketingului din punctul de vedere al teoriei lanţului valorii. Lucrarea este structurată în două părţi; prima parte conţine elementele paradigmei marketingului relaţional şi structura lanţului valorii ca şi concept definitoriu al marketingului relaţional. Lanţul valorii poate fi considerat un sistem cibernetic în cadrul căruia atât intrările, cât şi ieşirile sunt cunoscute sau observabile de către companie. În a doua parte a lucrării, autorii încearcă să măsoare o variabilă psihologică (satisfacţia) şi modul în care aceasta influenţează comportamentul consumatorului de produse şi servicii specifice companiilor distribuitoare de carburant, la nivelul oraşului Sibiu, România.

The aim of this paper is to conceptualize the new paradigm of relationship marketing from the value chain theory perspective. The paper is structured in two parts; the first part contains the components of the relationship marketing paradigm, but also the value chain structure, as a defining concept of relationship marketing. The value chain can be regarded as a cybernetic system in which both inputs and outputs are known or visible to the company. In the second part of this paper, the authors attempt to measure a psychological variable (satisfaction) and how it influences consumer behavior for fuel-related products, across the city of Sibiu, Romania.
Autor(i):Luigi-Nicolae DUMITRESCU, Mihai ŢICHINDELEAN, Simona VINEREAN
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2821
3. An empirical analysis to examine the effectiveness of awareness campaign in Rural areas
Rezumat:The present study has been carried out by using the primary data collected through the structured questionnaire. Random sampling method has been adopted for selecting the respondents from six villages in Bihar. The data have been analyzed with the help of Microsoft Excel and SPSS software. Statistical tools like ANOVA and paired sample t-test have been applied to for data analysis. While ANOVA and paired t-test both can helped in finding the differences in the pre and post awareness campaign means, the paired t-test has also helped in deciding to find out that which mean is greater. The findings of the present study suggest that the awareness campaign is an effective tool for the business organizations operating in the rural areas. Since, the present study talks about the marketing of agricultural inputs only. However these findings may also serve as a guideline for the marketing of other products in rural areas.
Autor(i):Mukund KUMAR
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2822
4. To What Extent the Brand Image Influence Consumers’ Purchase Decision On Durable Products
Rezumat:Brand image is to be one of the vital areas for marketing management. This research study explores some of the consequences attributes may have on brand equity such as the bias on consumer preference. According to Quester and Lim (2003), quite a little number of studies has examined the connection between consumer purchase decision and brand and image, though that the studies have remained conceptual and theoretical, rather than empirical. The authors thereby imply that there is a scarcity in empirical studies in the matter of examining the link between consumer purchase decision and brand image. In addition, since brand image has a significant role in buying product and service, it is interesting to outlook this as a whole concept.Key Words: Brand, Brand Image, Durable products, Purchase Decision.
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2823
5. Friend or a foe - Understanding the Client agency relationship in advertising industry
Rezumat:With the advertising budgets growing fabulously and the competition among the advertising agencies soaring up, the clients have become more demanding and expecting state of the art services. On the other hand, advertising agencies are striving to provide excellent services to give value to the client’s moneys worth by employing the best creative teams. Consequently, client-agency relationship is even more prone to stress and strain than ever before. The relationship ranges from very strong warm relationship to very poor bickering relationship. The nature of relationship of advertisers with their agencies is studied in the article.
Autor(i):P. AMMANI
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2824
6. CRM is all about bringing people, processes & technology together - A case study of banking sector in India
Rezumat:This report offers an insight into the various innovative Customer Relationship Management strategies applied in the Indian Banking Sector. It helps us to analyze as to why CRM is required in the current Banking Industry scenario. It also talks about the various steps taken into developing & implementing CRM in a bank taking into account the High Net Worth Individuals & their expectations. The report involves examples of CRM initiatives taken at both national & global level. Also provides information on the benefits to both the customers as well as the bank. Also talks about the various challenges faced by banks in implementing CRM.
The study reveals that CRM is the flavor of the season owing to the cut throat competition & globalization of banking services. Banks are becoming more and more customer-centric unlike transaction-centric like in the yester years.
Now-a-days owing to the fierce competition, the success of a Bank predominantly depends on the Customer Relationship Management strategies adopted by them. With the increasing competition, banks are coming up with novel & innovative ideas like e-CRM. Good customer experience leads to customer acquisition & customer retention which in turn leads to increased profits.
Autor(i):Suresh Chandra BIHARI
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2825

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