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1. Exploring Generation Z’s Purchase Behavior towards Luxury Apparel: a Conceptual Framework
Rezumat:Generation Z known as the Digital natives operates in a diverse manner set of consumers as they have a distinctive taste, choice, opinion, preference, attitude and behavior which make it crucial to understand how they play, learn and interact with their friends, peers, family, and brands. Generation Z is highly fashion conscious demands for high-end luxury goods, especially Luxury apparels. The present study aims to understand the purchase behavior, drivers and the process of buying luxury apparels of Generation Z. The study suggests that marketers need to be creative and interactive not only in their stores and advertisements but also on the digital platform and market in a subtle manner.
Autor(i):Jain VARSHA, Vatsa RESHMA, Jagani KHYATI
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 2/2014 [Volume 9, Issue 2] (aprilie-iunie)
Cod citare:6506

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