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1. Exploring women motivations toward impulse buying behavior in Algeria
Rezumat:This study investigates the motivations behind impulse purchase behavior of Algerian women shoppers. The questionnaires were distributed to 600 women randomly in Algeria’ west. Data were then analyzed using factor analysis, reliability testing, correlations and ANOVA analysis. Further, the findings were used to answer hypotheses and provide recommendations for marketers and retailers.
This research could give basic and fundamental information about personal variables influencing on this kind of purchase. Our research findings offer important information for benchmarking managerial expectations with regard to internal motivations of women shoppers and merchandising decisions.
Autor(i):Amel GRAA, Maachou DANI EL KEBIR, Elyas SALAH
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 2/2014 [Volume 9, Issue 2] (aprilie-iunie)
Cod citare:6507

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