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1. How Experiential Marketing is used in Indian Luxury Hotels?
Rezumat:Experiential marketing helps in differentiating the brands as the consumers associate their memories with the products and brands and is widely used by the luxury sector primarily in India.  This strategy works very well for the hotel in the luxury domain. This paper explains the application of experiential marketing by the hotels in India. A total of five leading luxury hotel chains of India were selected and the marketing heads of these hotels were interviewed in order to comprehend the experiential marketing practiced by them. We found that the experiential marketing is a part of all the touch points of the consumer such as pre-experience, experience and post-experience. It was vital to understand consumers’ needs and requirements to create the most suitable and customized experiences.
Autor(i):Jain VARSHA, Verma YASHA
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2015 [Volume 10, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:6987

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