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Mukund KUMAR

1. ‘Brand Equity’ affecting the consumption pattern of Services in India
Rezumat:This study attempts to examine the determinants of brand equity of services and how these determinants are affecting the consumption pattern of services, based on consumers’ perception of the banking service. Exploratory factor analysis has been applied to reduce the total number of items to a small number of underlying factors and results produced five factors namely brand resonance; brand judgements; brand feelings; brand performance; brand imagery; brand salience These alpha coefficients of reliability test were found to be ranging from 0.781 to 0.912 for all of the brand equity constructs individually and for the entire scale the value of alpha was found to be 0.837. Then multiple regression analysis has been performed by taking the responses of overall question (five point likert scale) as dependent and all the five factors as the independent variable. The multiple regression analysis findings indicate that the determinants of brand equity have an positive impact in changing the consumption pattern of the consumers’ towards services.
Autor(i):Mukund KUMAR
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 3/2011 [Volume 6, Issue 3] (iulie-septembrie)
Cod citare:2812

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