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Debajani SAHOO

1. Service quality and deliveryact as instrumental in the purchase intention of it/ites services
Rezumat:This paper proposes the major factors which influence the service delivery, and whether the effective service delivery influences purchase intention .Proposed methodology is illustrated by a structured questionnaire among ITES service user The collected information analyzed by factor Analysis to derive major factors which influence the service delivery. concurrently to measure whether the effective service delivery influences purchase intention multiple linear regression is done with those factor output by taking purchase intention as dependent variable and other factors as independent variable. The finding shows that Reliability, responsiveness and Assurance are the major factors expected from ITES service users. The information given by ITES service provider should be accurate and backed up by a guarantee, which increases the trust in the consumer and concretes his purchase intention.
Autor(i):Debajani SAHOO, Sarthak BARTARIA
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 3/2011 [Volume 6, Issue 3] (iulie-septembrie)
Cod citare:2814
2. Buying Motives in the purchase of Cadbury Chocolate among Young Indians
Rezumat:Purpose- The main objective of this study is to analyze the youth purchase intention in the buying of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk , What factors influence youth in choosing Cadbury or regional sweets (MIthais). Simultaneously it tries to identify the discriminating factors between the sweet consumers and the chocolate consumers
Design/methodology/approach- Convenience sampling has been done by circulating the questionnaire via internet in order to process speedy data collection among youth in the age group of 20 to 35.Finally 121 completely filled up responses were considered for further analysis. Ultimately, statistical tools like Factor Analysis, Regression, Discriminant analysis and descriptive analysis are used to analyze the buying motives of the consumers.
Findings- It has been found that product experience, Product Endorsement and product Values are the major motivational factors in the purchase of Cadbury chocolates where as product physical Aspects and influencers are major motivational force for sweets. The future directions and limitations are discussed at the end.
Practical Implications- The results shows that various marketing campaign taken up by the company has immensely helped the company to break the belief that chocolates are meant not only for kids and helps to raise company’s brand awareness.
Autor(i):Debajani SAHOO, Shreya GARG
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 4/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 4] (octombrie-decembrie)
Cod citare:2835
3. Motivating Factors behind sale of cold drinks in South India Market
Rezumat:According to CAGR (2007-2011) Indian beverage market is 21% and Indian ranked 3rd largest beverage consumption after the USA and China. Indian every year beverage consumption is nearly 120 billion litters. In peak reason soft drinks consumption will be 25 million whereas in off season its consumption will be nearly 15 million.  Health/nutrition benefits, affordability, taste/freshness, functionality, product availability, and corporate responsibility (CR) issues are among other key consumer drivers. The industry has traditionally competed for market share instead of conditioning consumers to pay for the value they receive—that is, why they should perhaps pay more for certain things like convenience, nutritional benefits, functionality, availability, fair trade, etc. Healthy eating is another critically important consumer driver, a trend that will have considerable influence over company strategies in the next five years.  After going through the statistics that motivates the researcher to further study in this industry .The present study consists of two objectives. The first objective  is to find out  the major  factors  that influence customers to select one particular brand of cold drink among different brands  in the competitive market followed by the second objective to identify   the  influencing factors those have active role towards sale of cold drinks in south india Market. A total of 427 respondents involved in the survey process, after words that sample size reduced to 400 (200 for the present retailers and 200 for the new retail outlets) having 93.6 percent response rate. Convenience sampling method which is considered as non-probability sampling is used.Factor analysis followed by regression has been used to meet the objective of the study.
Autor(i):Debajani SAHOO, B. A. CHAITHANYA
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 4/2014 [Volume 9, Issue 4] (octombrie-decembrie)
Cod citare:6794

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