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Joshua FOGEL

1. Consumers and Internet Gambling Advertisements in Spam E-mail
Rezumat:Spam e-mail can contain online gambling marketing messages. Among 200 college students, 12.5% opened/read and 8% purchased the gambling product advertised in the spam e-mail. Significant variables associated with opening/reading were previous response to fraudulent e-mail offer, greater interest in learning more about online gambling, and greater trust that the Internet provides accurate information about online gambling. Also, greater interest in learning more about online gambling had a significant association with purchasing. In locations where Internet gambling is legal, marketers should consider ethical e-mail approaches to target interested consumers. E-mail and online gambling website content should include online gambling information.
Autor(i):Joshua FOGEL
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 4/2011 [Volume 6, Issue 4] (octombrie-decembrie)
Cod citare:2815

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