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Kallol DAS

1. Case Study Research: CRM best practices in a Foreign Bank in India
Rezumat:The current paper studies the deployment of CRM best practices in the context of Indian retail banking, specific to a very prominent foreign bank situated in the country. The paper lists 29 CRM best practices culled from recent literature. Further, the research elaborates how well the best practices have been deployed in the selected bank. The study reveals that, excepting a few, many of the best practices are actually very well-deployed. The case study report will definitely guide other lagging Indian banks and even other non-banking service sector firms to go for comprehensive deployment of CRM best practices.
Autor(i):Kallol DAS, Renuka GARG
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 4/2011 [Volume 6, Issue 4] (octombrie-decembrie)
Cod citare:2818
2. Smartphone Gaming in Indian Generation Y: An Exploration
Rezumat:Smartphone games are a new form of interactive entertainment for Indian Gen Y, whose habits are shaped by their lifestyle and usage trends during their upbringing and social interactions. As they form a major consumer segment today and are influencers for the next generation, understanding their attitudes and perceptions towards smartphone gaming is important. There is lack of research in this area as per our detailed review of literature. This paper attempts to explore what psychological motivators or influencing factors and implications can be attributed to smartphone gaming by Gen Y. Exploratory qualitative research through FGDs and DIs helped draw parameters from the emergent themes for quantitative analysis through survey data. The relation among personality traits, motivational reasons for smartphone gaming and outcomes like game-type-preferences was calculated using multiple regression. This could provide researchers with insights on Gen Y’s consumer behaviour and help gaming companies strategically targeting them.
Autor(i):Kallol DAS, Debapriyo BANERJEE
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 2/2015 [Volume 10, Issue 2] (aprilie-iunie)
Cod citare:7177

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