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1. A new look at the role of social influence, group composition and setting - Reconsidering the typical practice for market research focus groups
Rezumat:The purpose of the paper is to put forward arguments for the view that the typical practice of market research focus groups is not the most appropriate for some research goals. For some market research purposes it would be of vital importance to build up the focus group discussions in such a way that different processes of social influence could be observed and these processes could also be involved in the analysis. It is argued that in some cases it can be useful if group members are acquaintances and if the discussion takes place within a natural setting. The paper provides a viewpoint which has rarely appeared within market research, and supports it with writings not only from the field of marketing, but also from literature of the social sciences, as well as with the author’s own experiences as a focus group researcher and practitioner.
Autor(i):Lilla VICSEK
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2820

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