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1. To What Extent the Brand Image Influence Consumers’ Purchase Decision On Durable Products
Rezumat:Brand image is to be one of the vital areas for marketing management. This research study explores some of the consequences attributes may have on brand equity such as the bias on consumer preference. According to Quester and Lim (2003), quite a little number of studies has examined the connection between consumer purchase decision and brand and image, though that the studies have remained conceptual and theoretical, rather than empirical. The authors thereby imply that there is a scarcity in empirical studies in the matter of examining the link between consumer purchase decision and brand image. In addition, since brand image has a significant role in buying product and service, it is interesting to outlook this as a whole concept.Key Words: Brand, Brand Image, Durable products, Purchase Decision.
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2823

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