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Suresh Chandra BIHARI

1. CRM is all about bringing people, processes & technology together - A case study of banking sector in India
Rezumat:This report offers an insight into the various innovative Customer Relationship Management strategies applied in the Indian Banking Sector. It helps us to analyze as to why CRM is required in the current Banking Industry scenario. It also talks about the various steps taken into developing & implementing CRM in a bank taking into account the High Net Worth Individuals & their expectations. The report involves examples of CRM initiatives taken at both national & global level. Also provides information on the benefits to both the customers as well as the bank. Also talks about the various challenges faced by banks in implementing CRM.
The study reveals that CRM is the flavor of the season owing to the cut throat competition & globalization of banking services. Banks are becoming more and more customer-centric unlike transaction-centric like in the yester years.
Now-a-days owing to the fierce competition, the success of a Bank predominantly depends on the Customer Relationship Management strategies adopted by them. With the increasing competition, banks are coming up with novel & innovative ideas like e-CRM. Good customer experience leads to customer acquisition & customer retention which in turn leads to increased profits.
Autor(i):Suresh Chandra BIHARI
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 1/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 1] (ianuarie-martie)
Cod citare:2825

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