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Mukund KUMAR

1. An empirical analysis for explaining the post retirement. Consumption expenditure
Rezumat:Many studies (Schwerdt, 2005; Bernheim, Jonathan and Steven, 2001) have found a drop in the per capita post retirement consumption expenditure. This phenomenon has been termed as the retirement consumption puzzle in the literature. The present study is a preliminary attempt for recognizing the factors responsible for the drop in the post retirement consumption expenditure in Indian context by grouping them on the basis of the nature of their retirement; voluntarily or involuntary retirement. The present study is also intended to find out the factors behind such changes. Study finds four factors; family and personal, social, financial, and income tax behind the drop in the post retirement consumption expenditure.
Autor(i):Mukund KUMAR, Abhay Kumar TIWARI
Publicat în:Revista Română de Marketing 2/2012 [Volume 7, Issue 2] (aprilie-iunie)
Cod citare:2826

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